Fox Fire – Alpha 2 – Boss Level

"Fox Fire" is really a game of arcade genre which a few of you might know as"bullet hell" - game in which everyone shooting at you when you're attempting to take back. And don't worry - there will be some location for anime porn elements when that is what you are looking for. The point is to keep alive lengthy enough to not just overcome all yoru enemies (which is probably not even possible but you may attempt it) but also to disrobe down few sexy hotties out of"Tower of Five Hearts" - visual novel with a great deal of yuri (or sapphic ) personalities. Therefore, if you played it had your own favorites there you probably going to find them here as well... and unwrap them down by shooting their clothes off lump by chunk. By the way these phrases as"Alpha 2 - Boss Level" implies that in this version you will Find some interesting fresh features and degrees

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