Condom Man

1 man could not sleep. He needs to twist some girls. Help him to perform it. Take a condom package and go outside his home to come across some nice pussy. There is many sexy babes in this town. However, they almost all are fearful from this maniac. Prevent policemen and angry dogsthey could be dangerous! Use arrow keys for room and movement to take some action.

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Withinthis game known as"Galaxia" you are going to needto survive really hot action against hundreds of enemies! The game is made as first-person shooter... in space! Your job isto destroy sentries protecting the industrybay doors and followingthat defeat super sentry before time runs out! And did we mentioned that all these sentries are alluring babe that does not have any point to hide their big round tits beneathany armor? Thismeans that you will not only participatein a good gunfight but in additionwill see lotsof naked tits! Simplyuse your mouse to aim and takeor activate neutron-nova usingaspacebar (for those whohave it ofcourse). And focus onthe flashing icons! Time do copewith lotof naughty girls and receivea good reward after hard work is going tobe carried out!

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