Commander Shepard

Tali Zorah DLC Mission

Even tghough we've not seen Tali Zorah being nude in some of"Mass Effect Trilogy" games (and if you playe dthem then you know why) but that doesn't indicate that she doesn't like to fuck. And her love for big beefstick will be totally unsheathed in this elementary yet joy and sexy parody game! Yet again, in case you've played first game syou will come across a lot of familiar elements here as well as gameplay relies on you making choices through dialog ring... only this time you won't be picking what commander Shepard will state - you'll be choosing in what place he'll be fucking his companion Tali Zorah next! From behind and out of the front, oral or vaginal - you have never seen Tali Zorah being so whorey before! And as a bonus at some scenes you're able to possibly create a choice inbetween being paragon or renegate...

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