Summoners Quest Ch.7.5

New chaper of all Summoner's epic quest awaits - this time it will be Chapter 7.5 and tagged as"The Prodigal Explorer". Click teh start button and you'll start today's venture with encounter some dude called Ezreal in certain unusual cave. Seems like since there is not any one about, you will need to spend some time talking with him. Or because the genre of this game is still book and because of this dialogs will be the major part of story telling . Yet still you will have to make few choices and even play"Find teh gap" minigame from the process. If you may do everything than something alluring might happen at the end of the chapter as well... If you luved playing this game then you probably should check other episodes of this series which you can always find on our website.

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Sucked off by an Elf

This second game is a unspoiled fantasy of any nerdy boy who is into fantasy board and videogames. At first-ever he wo belive himself that sexy elven chick somehow gets materialized in his bathroom in a appearances that are nude. Even more - she seems to be struck by this dude's boner size and doesn't mind to play with it right here and now. After that some indeed unusual things will happen but were they actual or is it just his imagination has played a trick on him you might need to determine yourself after you may watch this cartoon. Yes, watch it bcause there's not any gameplay whatsoever just like in many of other manga porn games from"Funny-games" studio. And speaking fo games - you could always find them on our website including the ones which actually has gameplay in them.

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Deedlit Kashue hentai fuck

This next game will reveal the chapters of Record of Lodoss War. So if you can't wait to see your favourite heroes in adventures never seen before or you just like anime porn games in fantasy settings play with it and then then don't waste any more time! The story will revolve around three different characters - Kashue, Parn and Deedlit. One of them is sexy others and blonde elf chick are. And if Parn is likely to win this battle with romance and flowers experience Kashue will win this battle by flashing just how good he is in sofa. Contemplating how lutty Deedlit becomes after every battle you probably already know who will win this time... This game is brought to you by Pinoytoons so you most likely already know what you will get - no gameplay and a lot of animated fuckfest scenes!

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