1HG: Hikki

This second game is going to explore fairly a serios theme of hikki. But do not turn off it - there'll be elements in it as well. So this is a story about the nymph who spend quite alot fo time inside her room. After four years has passed she is still was not going to change her life style. But the changes will come and they begin with quite elementary thing - the world wide web has stopped working, one day. Why is ther any thicker strain to get a hikki girl? What's she going to do today? How is she going to treat all the ideas that maintain visisting herpretty mind? If you indeed got interested then play with the game right now. The game is one of the Just One Hand Game series and yep - you really can contol all of the act withonly 1 hand (no thing are you lefty or righty)! Jump in!

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