The Hitchiker

Tom rides thru the desert to the wedding of his very best buddy. Ideas pass through his mind. By way of instance, Tom is unmarried and has no girlfriend. Along with that his friends are getting married and they'll shortly have children. Certainly these are thoughts. Out of the way Tom sees a van on the side of the road. And next to his lovely and huge-titted female. Tom stops and offers help. It turned out the car broke down and had a mechanic. The gal asks Tom to take her. Tom agrees and they all leave. So, your mission in this game is to engage in whorish hook-up with your fellow traveler. To do this, you must use the correct answers to questions that would seduce a nymph and indulge in sexual intercourse.

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Fucktown: Hitch-Hiking

One more funny and sexy venture from your favourite FuckTown awiats - this time it will be that hitch-hiker can become occasionally. And yes, in this game you will be that the hitch-hiker. You got to the destination for the journey and there is left to roam - something. Well, seems like trying to have a camper that may pick up you is not a bad idea after all! There will be few trucks that will drive along without stopping on your request but you very likely should thank them - because the one that will ultimately stop is driven by superhot chick! Have a conversation with and try to be fine as this meeting may become one of their most titillating adventures that awaits you here! And to find more stories from FuckTown simply visit our site!

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