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Inspector J Episode 3

The analysis of Inspector J continues in eisode trio: The mystery gets deeper... You'll be enjoying as police inspector and you are working together with your fucking counterpart Mia about the event of a pupil from Canade known as Jeanne. However, new details appear to show that he is not guilty. And yet another female only went lost. For more details you might choose to locate and play preceding gig of this game series. In this sequence you'll have to meet few distinct women - most of them are good looking and most likely all them will be undressing for you if you will discover all the appropriate answers and create all th eright choices during the game. Or you could see nothing at all - who stated that every sensual game will wind up getting nude tits? As a bonus - there is going to be a moment when you'll try yourself as sensual photographer (and that is still significant for you investigation)!

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