Fuck Town: Autumn Dream

Main hero of the fresh game by"Fuck Town" series is dreaming again and once more this fantasy takes place in some mysterious labirynth. Navigate through it using map and your sence of space orientation and try to share in all actions this maze has prepped for you. Much like before one of your most important goals will be to collect all of the hentai pictures possible. Apart from that evident reason to explore the maze and you will have to locate a few keys that will open a few doors. Under that doorways you may meet some personalities and unlocking each sex scene possible with them will be another one of rquirements of finding an exit out of this strange place... As you currently understaoo this is not the only game in"breaking away the maze" genre if you may love it then do not leave behind to look at our site for other games!

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Luka Club

Funny hot game game. Look at the monitor. You see the spectacle of a night bar. There is a gorgeous and buxomy woman. Your assignment in this game would be to leave it downright naked. To do this, stir the mouse cursor on the stage on the screen. A labyrinth may emerge. You must place the mouse cursor inwards the labyrinth from the begin point to the end point sans touching the walls of the labyrinth. In the event you were fortunate, the chick will take off her clothing. If you touched on the wall of the maze - that the game finishes. With every level of the game, the labyrinth will grow more complicated. However, you need to go thru the game to the end that will enjoy the beauty of a busty dame. And it is possible and to perform with her depraved fucky-fucky.

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