Monster Hunter

Dick or treat

Welcome into the area of flash games, dear friend. Stop for a minute and examine this website. You have to the site where there are interesting adult hentai flash games. All games on our site are completely free. To start, select your favorite flash game in which you may play. Then read the instructions for the match. Direction within this flash game also warrants your attention-see how it functions. Allow me to inform you about this flash game a little more - It's funny and scary Halloween night and nasty but dirty Frankenstein - like monster named Frank seems at Betty's home and asks for candy. Busty and hot blonde Betty informs him she does not have any candy, however Frank notices her very large and perfect boobs and strips himself and her naked. Busty Betty subsequently finds that she's naked. Lightning flashes and he's hard and crazy sex with her in sex positions. Now you're prepared to performwith. Join us and enjoy mature flash games at the moment.

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Goeniko vs Kuromaru

In this game you will become teh witness of an epic battle between blonde warrior lady and ugly tentacled monsters... and ofcourse blonde lady will loose and get fucke d- this is a hentai game after all!
As for you - you will be in controll of sexual part of the game. You can not only enjoy the sex scene but also change it accroding to your own taste. Undres this lady completely or leave some parts of her uniform on, same as her stockings and shoes. When the mosnter will enter this girl's pussy you can let him to fuck her slow or fast - depending what will excite you more. And ofcourse there will be a cumshot button that you can use to fill our warrior lady's pussy with lots of cum! Overall this is a short and fun animation loop where you can change some details as you like.

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