multiple endings

Call Me Desperate

Where there are money there will be issues. But also there will be a lot of hookup! "Call me desperate" - new game from"Lession of Fireplace" studio for everybody who enjoys not just cupcakes but also stories driven by player's choices. That means you will be playing as Aiden. He's a photographer but also he is a gambler. And recently he wasn't too fortunate at the poker table and he is loaned fairly a sum of cash. And he has to come back them all really soon. But where is he gont receive them? Looks like he will need to use his camera more often. Just visit a consultation with one of your clients and try to woo her in having a photosession (may be erotic photosession!) . But do not forget that a few skimpy choices will give you nothing at all! Game includes a system of accomplishments so that you might want to replay the game to unlock all of them.

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