Pinkie Pie

Chrysalis Adult Parody

You are an adult worshipper of"My Little Pony" but "My Little Pony Chrystalis" is not mature enough for you? Then you've got one final opportunity - to play manga porn game with the most favored characters from there! And fortunately for you we have one of these game right here and today. But even however it's called a game that you truly shouldn't wait some xxx gameplay from it since it is more like a collection of animated anime porn scenes of an individual male waking up in the planet of ponies with a morning boner and finds out all the local ponies here have dreamed about sucking some thing like that! And yes - the game is made of very first person perspective so you could easily pretend that it is your desire as well. For more hentai games with your favourite cartoon characters don't leave behind to check our website!

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