Pussymon 7

Pussymon: Cath and Also Fuck series. And it's Episode 7 ! The title of this vignette: Greenwood Farm. The game embarks you and your soiree of friends end up in a location they've never been previously. Pretty shortly you will find out tht the place is named Greenwood Farm. Why? What pussymons you can find here? Whe you can find so many doors that are locked? Well, you will need to play a little bit more if you would like to find answers for all these questions. And the game has kept its basic mechanics. Learn more about the world places, meet different (and sexy) npc, finish quests, break (and rescue the game) in the local inn, purchase usefull items at the retailer houses and obviously find and grab hot pussymons! You'll find seven fresh pussymons in gig seven - attempt to catch all of them!

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