Horny Hero

Every game is all about a fanatic. And typicallyyou become the hero of a game you're playing. This game is not an exception. While walking thru road in the night you will get a note of a fight from the dark alley. Some big fellow is bringing problems to a unidentified red-haired chick. And as already told you are the hero of the game which means you'll need to rescue the gal! This is where sport will turned out to not be such easy. Even a wrong chosen dialogue line can bring you to a second game over. The real sport over - you'll need to restart right in the beginnng! And even in the event you find all the proper answers it will end up in first-ever person perspective battle scene with a few huge ugly dude - quite a struggle also. However, is exactly what heroes do - overcome summons... and get rewarded for it!

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