Train Fellow 2

A young and chesty blonde rails in a train truck. Near her is a muscular black guy. That is her bf. Some sort of fat dude ask to take a selfie and comes closer. However, a black guy does not allow this. The blond love the picture. She turns so that the fat man sees her donk in a microskirt. You have to take a photo under the micro-skirt. Move the mouse to the left get the phone under the skirt. If the hero turns in your direction, budge the mouse to the best to pretend that nothing's happening. When the indicator of courage is 100% utter, the game goes to the 2nd degree. The mission has gotten more complex. Start pawing at a nymph. Also go after the indicator of courage and beer. And observe the black guy. If he catches you the game is finished. Could a fat guy fuck this blonde that is athletic? You'll find the response in this game.

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