School Breeding Orgy

For years you were mocked by them and sneered at school. You were an ordinary dude and no lady paid attention for you. However, you grew up andeverything has changed. You are incredibly attractive and a sporty dude with a big dick. You went backto function as a coach. And the damsels want to have lovemaking with you. Your mission is to fuck youthfull beauties in their cock-squeezing and pink fuck holes with your dick. The game offers you excellent opportunities for customizing the character as well as conclude freedom of action. To commence your story, fuck that bitch. She'll certainly be your first-ever girlfriend to your sex.

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Naughty Knowledge 2

Take a look at the second part of the game. If you recall the girl that helps you to pass anatomy test you will likely remember her bum also.

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School Girl Sim 1

Slutty McSlut is one very naughty furry. Could be she isn't the nicest person in the world but even she's got a boyfriend... which you'll be playingas in this match! And it turns out that she believes you're rather not intelligent enough... so she sends you straight back to college to improve your intelligence! She kicks you out from her car in the college front door at which gaemeplay begins. You will need to visit different school locations and speak with people you will meet there. They will ask you some questions. Proper answe will raise your intelligence and incorrect ones will fall your health points - so try to think first rather than clicking by chance (or click by chance if your luck skill in real world is sufficient)! Besides the points you will get yet another reward for correct responses - you may acquire hot hentai postcards with sexy school themes!

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