The Massage Institute 6: Unfinished Business

That is episode six of hot game show"Tha Massage Institute" and it is titled"Unfinished business". And looks like you'll need to finsih it one way or the other... Other staff along with lately Christina has made a lot of promoting stuff for the massage institute and all these efforts commence to bring results - now you have a lot more customers and they all want to get some special rubdown! However, work might bring more troubles among the team. So you'll have to find the way to bargain with Suzi and allow her to perform firmer wihtout forgetting about your ususal duties... Game is made with photos and vids or sensual models but before you will see some indeed hot stuff you will have to get through a series of choices and remeber that skimpy choices will bring you nothing but game over screen.

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Get laid with jasmine

Wanna understand exactly what it feels like to become Aladdin? When he had been poor or even if he found a magic lamp, but if he was laid with Lady Jamine? Yes. This game is about a man seducing a princess! To start with you'll have to obtain some romantic place. Well, this section is already done. Then you may attempt to touch Jasmine hereand this in which the gameplay begins. But be carefull since she is not some street hooker! You will have to pay attention to her likes or dislikes. Do thingsright and she'll reward you - you will see that her boobs are much biggere than you can recall type a cartoon... and may be she will let you into her magic cavern tonight! Hentai game that gives you an oportunity to seduce not other than Disney princess Jasmine!

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