sex in car

Dirty Penny

This is a story about ginger-haired lady Penny who had been on the way back home from school when it suddenly began to rain. Her milky blose got humid in no time so now her indeed big tits has become visible for everyone! Ofcourse this fact got the attention of some old perv who was railing by in his truck so he used this chance and stopped to suggest some aid to Penny. She believed that he just wants to lift her into her place but after she got to his van what has gone in more insatiable way... However, it appears that Penny would choose to get fucked by a old man in his van than just to remain beneath the rain and getting cold. A brief story based on lovemaking in teh car scenes which you can enjoy almost like some porno movie. There'll be moments when you need to click on the screen to continue the story but it won't be about any gameplay obviously.

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