Palacius – Gay Athlete

Today you will eventually get your chance for a private audience in Palacius - one of your fave athlets! Being fan you managed to find out his secret hiding place and you are likely to have a one on one conversation with him. And it seems your attitude got him curious so rather than kicking you out of here he is going to allow you to... borrow his jewelry! Ofcourse it's just a trick due to choosing his jewelry by one you'll take all his clothing also! And if you will find all of his erogenous zones then he will become your admirer as well. What will happen afetr you two get along together you'll discover only in the event that you will play this game yourself but very likely you already know exactly what you guys will do now... have fun!

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Pokemon Fuck

Looks like Ash discovered that Misty is fairly great coach of pokemons so today he needs her to look after his own"pocket monster"... The game itself is colorful and well animated sex scene involving Misty and Ash. However, this scene is interactive which means you will decide how exactly Ash will please his pocket monster working with this busty redhead slut. It is possible to tease her pussy with big hard cock or finger fuck her tight pussy. Fast or slow - this choice is all up to you! When the enjoyment will attain certain level youw ill be allowed to penetrate her pussy... or her ass if you would like to! Keep fucking her to keep the delight groing until our heroes will be ready to final scene - large cumshot! Which of her candy fuckholes will be creampied? That's right - it is still your responsibility to decide!

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