Anne and the Seamonster

This story that was dreadful happened in the Caribbean. Then, newspapers and scientists arrived for a long time writing about this incident, but discovered nothing. The case has been closed. It all started like that. . A beautiful and yummy nymph named Anna determined to spend some time. There’s a sea sunshine and a fresh breeze. It’s a paradise on Earth. Busty Anna sunbathes on the shore. Yeats get hot and she determines to swim in the ocean. Unexpectedly, something goopy grabs Anna by the leg. It turns out that in the insides of the ocean lives a terrible monster who preys on girls. The monster needs a female vagina to fertilize her and continue offspring. A monster drags Anna into his shelter that is chilly. This is really a black cave with a lot of slugs. Then clothing from Anna rips off. After that, the monster commences to fuck Anna with tentacles that are thick. He fucks Anna in the cooter and bootie, not paying attention to the sobs of this woman. Then the creature fertilizes Anna. Anna will likely be an incubator for this monster’s descendants. She will give birth to fresh monsters who can enslave humanity all. . Figure out the conclusion of the story.

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