Blackjack with Janice

This sexy and curvy chick’s name is Janice and she’ll happily flash a bit more of her delicious curves… but only in the event that you’ll receive enough cash! And in this game the only way to make cash is to become succesfull blackjak participant. The principles are fairly simple. Once you receive your cards and will set the wager you can stay with what you have or get more cards in order to get the sum of points a smuch close to twenty-one as possible but not over it. You will be playing against the dealer and all the cash you will win from him you can later spend on unlocking hot videoclips. Ofcourse the hotter the clip the longer it’s gonna price so attempt to make your bets somewhat and consider your moves throughout the game if you don’t wish to find the game over screen earlier than you may see hot sexy Janice seems in her new milky undergarments!

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