Holio – U – 2

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Interactive and fun flash game that will tell you the story of a redheaded nymph named Molly. So, Molly lives next door to your apartment. At night, you hear loud noises coming out of her room. What’s she doing there!? Today you decided to meet Molly to find out what’s going on. To start at the game screen and examine the controls in the game. Subsequently the dude comes to the door and punches his knuckle at it. Molly is opened by the door. She has a bit jumpy. You should certainly go in the room and learn what’s in there… However in order to get into the room, you will have to select the proper options for dialog. If a gal does not like how you behave, the game is over. But if you are able to get in the space, then you need to use it to establish… Hmm… what is in the box? Oh, my God, it is a huge wand. Maybe Molly’s using a vibro for the intent!? Find out the reaction to that question at the moment.

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