Holio – U – 7

A new neighbour has appeared close to your house. This really is a sporty blonde who has a sugary-sweet figure. One day you determine to meet. Hint – the chick’s name is Jerry Springer. So you embark the dialogue. To like Jerry Springer you need to be fun and have charisma. Pick the dialogue choices and you will be invited by Jerry Springer to the room, when luck is on your side. There you need to look around. Wow. What is it!? Vibrator. Jerry Springer tells that she’s not had a guy for a long time and that she is fulfilling herself with a electro-hitachi. Perhaps it’s worth helping a girl!? Start kissing Jerry Springer on her luscious lips and then take her off clothes. And after that bite her nips. After that, start fucking Jerry Springer in her cunt until the gal reaches orgasm. Do it at the moment.

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