Jordan 500

In this 3D flash game you will meet a lovely and busty girl named Jordan. She arrived from the state and she is a little bored. After, Jordan and the captain of a football team whose name is Bob satisfied. This is a sporty dude with a huge dick. Bob invites Jordan to some party with Steve. Steve is an African American. Jordan agrees and the joy starts. Now you have to decide with Bob or Steve – with Kes Bud Jordan. If she stays with Steve, there will very likely be fucky-fucky. But Jordan is a anal virgin and Steve leaves. Jordan comes back residence. The following day, Jordan and her friend go into a bar where they meet a local dealer. Jordan fucks him from the kitchen. So today a map of the city has showed up and you can choose a place to go. Use this to score a lot of fuck-a-thon points and find out all of the secrets of the city.

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