Mario is Missing: All Characters

Mushroom Kingdom is under attack again – only this time it is Morton Koopa who’s leading the invasion. Along with the renowned hero Mario is nowhere to be seen! Then it is time for courageous Princess Peach to wake up today and get herself into a large and hard adventure of saving her Kingdom from evel bastards! To begin with you can select a costume for the character… and you will find heaps to pick from! It is possible to choose not just classic heroines like Zelda, Peach or even Samus Aran – there is going to be a good deal of sci-fi and fantasy heroes as well. And also a remarkable difference in former games is that you could finish the task with at least one of these charcters! The game is really a side-scroller venture where you will need to do a lot of running, hopping, speaking and… fucking of course!

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