Sauna Fuck

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The name already says what this game is actually about – it is all about having hot fuckfest in sauna. However, what you don’t get from teh name is that when you will enter the area you may se enot one or two sexy girls who does not mind to turn up the heat. However, the problem is that you will need to choose just one of them. Following this choice is completed the fucking will begin. It is possible to pick in what hole you need to fuck the chosen hoe and how swift you want to do it. During the procedure the enjoyment meter will be cramming up and after it will acquire utter you’ll get acces to the popshot alternative. Afyter that it is possible to fuck this dame yet another time or get back along with choos eteh other dame this moment. It’s not necessary to talk or solve some quests and puzzle – just pick the doll and fuck her!

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