Secrets of Psychology

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The name of A dude whose decided to go into a restaurant to drink some cognac. Chris drew attention to a beautiful and huge-boobed blonde who is bored. Chris started to get familiar and came nearer. It turned out that the blonde’s name was Stella because she had been bored, and she abandoned the corporate dinner there. Chris invites Stella to his table. Along with also the acquaintance resumes. So your mission is to tempt Stella. To do this, select the dialog options that are right. And after that you will have a chance to go to the motel where the big-chested Stella will undress. And then he will give you a royal blowage. After that, you can fuck Stella within her cherry and the nymph will reach a clitoral orgasm. Do you like this alternative? Then let’s embark the game right now.

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