Sex Paradise: Virtual Girlfriend Lucie 2

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In this vignette of inetracticve erotic series titled as”Gender Paradise” that you will once again visit your girlfiend termed Lucie. Overall the game is not hard and all that you need to do to love your private time together with Lucie here is to cram up the pleasure meter by giving her some nasty directives. Sadly enough the variety of the directives is restricted so this is the sign on which instructions certainly should work in case in case you don’t have time or desire to find them out on your own – oral, balls, penis, crouching tiger, or spoons, devotee. By the way if you may wish to attempt something similar from”give-this-sexy-model-your-commands” genre then search for several different games on our site among which you may find as ordinary and short as this one but also more tricky and joy ones!

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