Strip hangman

Within this interactive flash game you will play a game called”Hangman.” Let’s look at the game screen. To get began, you must choose the girl you are going to play . Each of the ladies are damn sexy and lecherous. You then are going to find a new game display. There will be a chick on the right, a set of letters in the center, along with a gallows in the left. Your assignment in this game is to guess the word by clicking on the letters. If you guessed that the correspondence, then that which is fine. And then this letter will show up in the encrypted word. But if you make a mistake, then part of this tiny man is inserted to the gallows. First gams, then arms, chest and head. You have to guess the word before the little person is totally drawn. And one more thing – if you win, you will find a striptease from the girl whom you play with this game. Let’s commence playing at the moment.

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