Train Fellow 2

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A young and huge-chested blond rails in a train car. Beside her is a black man. That can be her beau. Some kind of fat dude comes nearer and ask to take a selfie. But a guy that is black does not permit this. The blonde love the picture. She turns so that the fat man sees her caboose in a skirt. You have to take a photo under the mini-skirt. Move the mouse to the left to get the phone under the mini-skirt. If the hero turns in your direction, move the mouse to the proper to pretend that nothing is occurring. When the indicator of courage is 100% utter, the game goes to the level. The assignment has gotten more complex. Start pawing at a dame. Also ensue the indicator of guts and beer. And witness the black man. If he catches you the game is over. Can a fat guy fuck this blonde? You will get the answer within this game.

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