Trident of lust!

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This interactive game is just an homage to the famous Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Let me introduce the game. There is someplace a magnificent trident, and pirates have to locate the trident of lust. Therefore, somewhere along the shores of North America… Central Bank, which holds the gold reserves of thelocal city. A locked safe that holds the gold. The vault door is open. For this, you must use the mouse as well as game objects. When the door opens, and you are greeted by a disgusting picture. A young pirate wearing a funny hat is fucking a busty mother from behind. As the young girl sexually attacks her, she yells. She then pulls her into anal sexual sex. She starts screaming in shock and then starts to take pleasure in the anal infiltration. Click the triangle icon to view the sex motion. Do you like it? Let’s get started now.

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