Meet’N’Fuck: The Plumber

In this flash game, you are going to learn the story of a plumber. The dude works in town and he has a business repairing blockages and pipes. As well as washing machines. And this is what happened to our hero. One day, our hero comes back from work and drives along the road to the client. This is a hot woman with large tits and a lovely smile. Her name is Melissa. She has pipesand she cannot cook. The plumber cleans the plumbing and does his job, after the number of hours. Melissa is quite thankful to him. So it’s time to pay the bills. The girl takes the dude’s hand also also leads to the sack. And then she starts to undress. Oh gods… she’s a great figure. After a duo of mins, Melissa deep-throats on a fat salami and plays with eggs. And then the plumber fucks Melissa in her tight and pink vulva. It’s time for this game. Play now »