Adventures of Alessandra

Within this interactive 3D flash game, you will find out about the adventures of a elven warrior called Alessandra. A portal opened, and Alexandra dropped into a sorcerous forest. She uses magic to subscribe to this Chief priest of the Order of this red God, and her picture supplies Alessandra a few clues. It appears to be a forest of werewolves. And Alessandra must know how out of the forest. You will need to ease her through this mission. Thus bend down and go after the trail rigorously. Hide inside the bushes if you visit werewolves. However they caterpillar-tracked down Alessandra and assaulted. Kill the enemies differently you can have a filthy ending. Werewolves will grab Alessandra and rape . And so they took her into the tribe, wherever the woman are an alluring doll at a dinner in honour of the God of Darkness and Destruction. Let’s go research for travel without delay. Play now »