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Where there are money there will be problems. But also there will be a lot of hookup! "Call me desperate" - fresh game from"Lession of Passion" studio for everybody who enjoys not only boobs but also stories driven by player's choices. That means you will be playing as Aiden. He's a photographer but also he is a gambler. And recently he was not very fortunate at the poker table and he is loaned fairly a sum of money. And he has to come back all of them very soon. But where's he gonna receive them? Looks like he will have to use his camera more often. Just go to a consultation with one of your customers and try to convince her in using a photosession (could be even erotic photosession!) . But don't leave behind that few skimpy choices will give you nothing at all! Game includes a system of achievements so you may want to replay the game to unlock all of them.
Sexy schoolgirl is moving home from college and it starts to rain ardently. Man and one automobile stops inside it gives her to take a trip home. She moans and he starts to do strange thing with her...
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"Fox Fire" is really a game of arcade game genre that a few of you may know as"bullet hell" - game in which everyone shooting at you when you are trying to shoot back. And don't worry - there'll be a location for hentai elements when that is what you are searching for. The concept is to stay alive long enough to not just defeat all yoru enemies (that is probably not even possible but also you may try it) but also to undress few sexy sweeties out of"Tower of Five Hearts" - visual book with lots of yuri (or girly-girl ) personalities. Therefore, if you played it and had your favorites you most likely going to find them as well... and de-robe them down by shooting off their clothes lump by lump. Incidentally these phrases as"Alpha 2 - Boss Level" implies that in this version you will Find some interesting new features and amounts
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If you don't mind it when besides fucky-fucky scenes and basic gameplay game is also packed with interesting story based on mythology then you going to like this game. And you probably already has recognized that the title of Bhaal from the title - which' sright, the ruler of Gehenna! You may state"No, since I remeber Lucifer is the ruler of Gehenna" but that's the deal - Lucifer has discovered a loophole, and it has ran away from his responsibilities of being the King of Hell leaving the role to Bhaal his son-in-law. Now he has excellent responsobilty but actually not so good power. With some help from his sister in law Ullene he is going to stop it but also to not just disclose Lucifer's masterplan. Are they going to do this? To get this out you'll have to play this game yourself!
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