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If you're spending a lot of time by playing diffirent minigames then you very likely already know what game of"Crossing Cups" is. But even if you know it under one of its other names the basic idea of gameplay is the same - ball is covert under one of three cups after what those cups will be quickly mixed and your task will be to guess where the ball is. If you will guess correctly then you are supposed to possess a reward and because this game is also a manga porn parody on world renowned toon show"Family Guy" then you will be receiving kinky images with thsi showcase's main characters performing withe ach otehr items that you will never see them doing on your TV display even though this demonstrate is intended for adults also has lots of crude humor in it. And if the first pictures of in-game gallery will be quite effortless to unlock the higher levels of the game will also have the difficulty that is higher.
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