Galactic Brothel

In this titillating and interesting flash game you will need to build your galactic porn-empire. But the uniqueness is that you have to establish a network of brothels. At remote stations, in uranium ore processing plants in Veenra's orbit, as well as close Mercury. To attempt this, you must understand the effectiveness of personnel management, find a entire plenty of of money to start the first-ever brothel and train whores. Because they are not just fucking people. And also with jagged aliens with big tentacles. For this a room is where huge-boobed whores are trained. Use the mouse and mouse game items or spots to socialize with the game. As briefly as whores are trained, they will earn cash that will bring you cash. Use this to widen your network of space brothels. So if you're all set to build a network of porno brothels, let's begin playing.

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