Meet and Fuck – Hawaiian Vacation

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So in this flash game, the story goes about a normal dude who flew to Hawaii to rest. Hawaii is the best spot to rest on earth. The sea, hot sun and light breeze attract tourists from all over the world. In the plane you will find a beautiful and huge-titted blonde. Her big tits caught your attention. Definitely now you want to get to know her better. At the airport, you help her buy luggage and get to the car. You get acquainted. It turns out she flew to her sister in law. After a couple of minutes, her sister in law arrives. This is a damn sexy and huge-titted woman. She is extremely attractive. The woman thanks you for your help and offers to go to the night party. In the evening you come to the club where you meet femmes. So your mission is to fuck these sisters that are jagged. To do this, you must pick the appropriate dialogue choices and use game items. Do it at the moment.