Sanguine Rose – Alpha 1.0.0

Sanguine Rose is an Visual Novel under Evolution by Dusky Hallows Studio. The game revolves around the provocative and predominant High General Carmen Valentine along with the mercenaries who have successfully caught her. The current build covers the very first of three days within the game and features over 30 pieces of high-quality artwork sprites, and approximately 20,000 words! If you want to learn more or get into the latest builds of the game, please visit our official Blog and Patreon linked over. —————- Controls: Click on the Dialogue box media spacebar/enter, or to advance. Click on the’?’ In the top left or press [I] to bring up the help menu. Press [s] or [esc] . Click the highlighted text or on the Jewel to choose a option if prompted. Click on the menu to the ideal side of the screen to see the gallery of all artwork in your existing scene. —————-

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