Street Life

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This interesting flash game will tell you a story of how people live on city streets and slums. Therefore the game begins and the main protagonist walks down the street to a local undress club. He has no cash and he must figure out this issue. The dude hears a rustle from the alley near the club. He creeps in there and sees a local dealer. The dude takes a brick and stuns the dealer with a gargle to the head. Then he takes the cash and the rifle. Now he could go to the undress club. At the entrance, he bribes the guard and goes to the club. There he goes to the club to drink beer. And she starts flirting with the barmaid. She hints to him that she is free at night. Wow. This is a hint of sex. But until the close of the night is still very far... What adventures await the protagonist you have to find out yourself embarking to play this game at the moment.