Unchain Sexy Baby

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Welcome to the display! But do not be looking for the very best seat since you will be performancing on the stage tonight in a company of your beautiful assistant who’ll be strappped to the enormous wooden wheel! Your only task is going to be to throw knives to be able to break the bindings and also to put her free-for-all (sans hitting her ofcourse). And since you can see it won’t be this simple thing to do because the toss of a knife inside this game is a simulation so each movement of your mouse control will affect where precisely the knife will be send. Obviosuly it’ll take some practivce yet even though you’ll find the proper method of trhowing you will have to stay focused on each step. Let’s just hope that hot hide and cock-squeezing but unsheathing costume of the assistant won’t be distracting you a lot…

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