FT: Erotic Dream

After a difficult day you came home. Then you took a douche and ate a little. After that, you lay down to the sofa. You leisurely fall into a mythical desire. You wake up and watch a maze. How did you get here. Why someone screams in the space. You look around and see with horror that there are bones lying on the ground and whose garments they are. To interact with the game use the mouse. Additionally, you are able to look at the images that dangle on the walls of this labyrinth. There are attracted beautiful and busty anime porn girls. Examine the map to know where you are going. If on your path there’ll be monsters you have to kill them. You’ll also have the ability to locate a few femmes who get lost in the labyrinth. It is possible to fuck them, then take them into the exit. Enjoy this flash game at this time.

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