Hold’em Poker with Malene

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Are you a player who enjoys playing with girls? This interactive flash game allows you to play with Malene who is a hot blonde. So Malene has invited you over to play strip poker. Have a look at Malene. Malene is a big watermelon and an oval face. Malene puts bets on the table and you have to perform the same. The game begins. You must have a combination of cards that is higher than Malene to win the game. The game is over in the event that you find a pair of cards which is greater than Malene. Malene takes off some of her clothes every round. She must be completely naked at the end of every round. You can slap Malene with her long tits, and then take her to the bathroom and slit her pink slit. Do you want to get that done? You have the chance to win and get this chance. Do it now.

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