My Catgirl Maid 3

Cynthia is not any typical maid and actually she isn’t even from our planet – this ultra-cute looking catgril has come from a different world to be able to learn more about human nature. And how can you probe human nature without analyzing just one of it’s basics like love and hook-up? So it’s possible to try to become really usefull for her in these aspects and discuss with her not only how you understand the relationship but also give her couple practice lessons also! Yep, we’re talking about instructing how to give a oral pleasure and some other fun and kinky activities. Choose dialog alternatives, earn love or fervor things and see how they are going to influence Cynthia’s behaviour when it will come to getting fuck-fest with her! Overall adorably done, superb looking and fun manga porn game for most adorable unshaved worshippers out there!

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