Olga 20 Dollars Girl

This next game out of”Lesson of Passion” studios can provide you a opportunity to perceive yourself as Scott – rich australian biz guy. Scott is traveling around the countries of eastern Europe and due to all of the stresses of his job it is no wonder he happened to meet with a tart called Olga. She is ready to deal with Scott’s requirements for just a 20 bucks. Such a ultra-cute youthful lady and so cheap? What is this – an extraordinary chance or some wicked intrigues of one of his business rivals? If you’re also curious what it is at about the hoe for just 20 bucks then you ar ewelcomed to play the game at this time. The game isn’t really difficult to play yet teh dialogs here has some type of diversity although the intercourse scenes possess a interactive elements in them. It’s time to fulfill Olga! Play now »