Castellum Res Venereae 4

That is already 4th installment in”Castellum Res Venereae” hentai game collection and similar before with every fresh edition you will not only secure new lovemaking scenes (there’ll be 12 fresh of these) But new attribute – this time you could get a sword and utilize to battle monsters! The goal is still the same tho – our sexy appearing leading lady should get an exit out of an area packed with traps, risks and as we already know monsters that she will have to struggle . If she’ll fail it’ll end in certain hentai scene showcasing fucked up her position right now. But even in the event that you enjoy this kind of scenes do not enable them to happen too often – your main purpose is to allow this dame to escape this castle and not to get fucked here toll death! Other games from this series you might find on our site as well. Play now »

Castellum Res Venereae 3

3 part interactive escapade game using a huge-boobed damsel in the title character. She got into a unusual swamp that’s occupied by creatures. Additionally, the castle contains lots of traps and obstacles. The aim of the game is to assist the woman to decide on freedom and not to become a victim of violence. Yeah, you didn’t mishear. If the monster catches the dame or she falls into a trap, then she will be banged by force and boiled soup. Therefore be careful. Use the arrow keys to budge and jump. Try to walk each level and not die. At times you can find quests that will help you through the mission. Help a lady get out sans tarnishing her honour. Do it now and let you are blessed by the gods. Play now »