Ktr F-Series 2: Cattleya

Cattleya very likely gets the thickest curves in entire”Queen’s Blade” arcade roster (and since the majority of femmes out of it have big round tits this really means something!) . And her sexual appetite is quite matching her kinks too so there were no reasons to not making her the guest starlet for fresh epsiode of this game series! IN this gig you won’t be chooseing any garbs for Cattleya however – rather you will get a dozen of sexual poses that you can have fun with her! As for the clothes she is going to soon be dressed in her”official” costume out of anime show which as you might remeber isn’t really covering too much he rgorgeous figure therefore probably you hav eno reasons for any concerns . Choose the pose and get through a serie sof and animated lovemaking scenes with curvy Cattleya! Play now »