Cassie’s Journey

Cassie is the name of blonde nymph who happens to be the primary heroine of this game. One day Cassie has awakened from the woods sans having any ideas about the way she got here… or where is all her clothing! But this problem has gotten into 2nd plan once she realised that she is not alone. So what she will do next – will she try to run away or is it finer for her to hide from the unknown danger? Really this choice is yours to make! Select among also this way and avialable choices you will shape your own version of Cassie’s adventures! Not only this scenarios (if you need to create a decision) will probably be happening fairly often but it is also possible that the story will end far sooner than you probably need it to. That’s right – in this narrative each wrong choice might end up in fatal way and if such thing will happen you will have to embark all over again! Play now »