The Phantom Penis Part 1

Combine Charlie within her new quest and attempt to get the myster of the Phantom Penis… or find out what exactly really is. Aside from the meaning of parody on”Star Wars: Phantom Menace” since it might be too effortless. For the first-ever time in this game you will se Charlie sleeping in the motel room. That you now have a choice – keep watching her sleeping and waste your time or budge the covering away and play with her cooter one nice minigame. Then Charlie will… be abducted by some starnge aliens who turn out to be some kind of Rebellion who is going to finish the tyrany of Microsoftly Empire and so on. And below”so on” we imply titillating and funny adventures of Charlie in various ends of the galaxy. Oh, seems like this is a parody on”Phantom Menace” after all… Play now »