Unfaithful Mrs. Claus

Once again the holiday season is coming that means our old pal Santa is going to soon be engaged all the time with preparing introduces and likely his new own schedules and routs that an dmany additional things… yet sexual gratification of mrs Claus will not anywhere on that list for a number of reasons! Luckily for her ethere is a whole pile of elves at the workshop that work so she could select any of these and help him unwind… or it will be the man like Rupert who knows how this thing works and will utilize this opportunity to be picked by huge-boobed cougar Claus! Just follow his steps and help him to make his chief’ wifey glad like anyone else in the world during that time of year! The game is made for joy so even there wlil be some minigames there won’t be anything too hardcore about the gameplay. Play now »