Deedlit Kashue hentai fuck

The events of the fresh animated and fucky-fucky crammed story from Pinoytoons will occur in teh world of”Record of Lodoss War” videogame and you also will once more meet such figures like Kashue, Parn and Deedlit. If you have no idea who these characters are subsequently it is not trouble – you can rely on them since the champion, elf or king and it’ll be sufficient to understand what’s happening here (peculiarly since the majority of the time you’ll be liking nicely animated fuck-a-thon scenes rather than following some tales). Overall another one adorably done hentai parody from Pinoytoons in fantasy setting with a great deal of differnet positions, bouncing tits and money-shots and which doesn’t actually require form you to be familiar with the original world or characters. Play now »