Ada Wong against the Pink Queen

This game, even though it’s a parody of “Resident Evil”, can actually provide more difficult puzzles than the official games. You will play as an agent Ada Wong who is trying to escape from anotehr one of Umbrella’s secret facilities but there is a limited number of moves to do that. The counter will shrink no matter what action you take – you can move a foot, or even open the door. It’s not possible to finish the entire facility in one sitting and you might have to go through it a few times. Play now »

Laboratory of Endless Pleasure 4

Is itpossible to mak ethe sexual pleasur unending? Probably not the scientist shape our laboratory are not even planning to discontinue their researches. And if you are garee thne you’ll be able to join them and have a few kinky funtime in fourth epsiode of”Lab of Endless Pleasure” series! The idea si the same – you will take different kind of subjects, tools, creatures and situations and mix them up only to see what will happen. Ofcourse you may find some crazy effects (notably if you are the beginner at the world of interactive hentai) but on the other side that is the principal purpose – to – detect anything that will assist the pleasure from having hookup to last more! Explore all of the possibilites you may get and find your own recepee of the never-ending pleasure! Play now »