Erza fucks Sakura – Fairy Tail vs Naruto Shippuden

Two famous anime universes are finally clashing! “Fairy Tail” vs “Naruto”! Well, may be not the entire universes however only two characters. But they’re non the less then Erza Scarlett and Sakura Haruno! And may not be clashing – two sexy female simplyhave a friendly fucking in friday night. Erza places her biggest strapon and Sakura willingly open her gams so the action scene starts! Everything that you can do here is watch – watch adorable and almost petite (at comparement together using Erza) Sakura with her gams behind her head gets her clean smoothly-shaven and already wet cunt being calmed by green strapon dildo and enjoys it’s every move! It is possible to observe how certain Erza is – this buxomy ginger-haired probaly fucked everybody within her very own show and now has to fuck chicks in others! Play now »

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Flare Lucy rimming rage

Flare Corona vs Lucy Heartfilia – This really is an occasion that every admirer of”Fairy Tail” anime series will love to see nonetheless only at manga porn parody genre this competition can really bring the anticipated degree of awakening! However, lets get thru the story part soon because who cares exactly Flare has managed to capture Lucy if it’s way more interesting what is this twisted misteress is about to do with such sweet blonde chick second… to not spoil too many surprises let us simply say that Flare is truly interested in Lucy’s buttocks and she’ll do some kinky things using it and earning Lucy to do some kinky things in come back. Can it be sufficient to intrigue you already? Then waste no longer and enjoy the hentai themed flash right here and now! Play now »

Meet and fuck lesbian ride

This time you’ve to need our leading lady named Sonya into the bicycle competition. Along the road, she met the other potent biker named Earl, who uttered her, address that she was only a pathetic version of a female. As soon as an exchange of harsh words, a street struggle bust out inbetween them, which has been seen by peace officer Naomi. To avoid going to jail for a traffic disturbance, Earl seen the meanness of spilling oil prior to Sonya, running over that she lost direction and dropped off her bike, when she was occupied by the peace group. She was facing three days in prison before the trial, yet as a consequence of she bust down for its main period, she had been free on $ 1,000. Now the sexy lezzy lady can have to be compelled to understand how to make cash and shut the case exploitation completely her lezzie fuck-a-thon skills, then create her motorbike, then fix it and move to the long-awaited competition. Let’s start the game. Play now »

Behind the dune – Sex epic adventure

“Dune” is without any misgivings an epic science fiction novel with lots of incredible events and characters that they are taking parts in. But what if we add a little bit more lovemaking into struggles and all these intrigues for tools? Then we will get”Behind the Dune” – good game combinig a lot of unique mechanics with well made sensual components! You start your story and even though he is the main character of the book you still can switch some story lines of this main character by performing different choices! Actually if you are familiar with the original book it will make the walkthrough of this game much more fun since you will not only recognize the characters but also will take a look from another standpoint! Play now »

Training With Korra

Training is the very important part of a avatar’s daily life. Ofcourse these avatar as Korra isn’t an exclusion. And who will provide her with more exhausting training program compared to Asami? Espcially today when she has silent interesting device to use… Overal the game is pretty linear all that you want to do is follow the story, read some dialogs and get involved in interactive hentai scenes in which you have to activate some lusty abilities whenever they will become accessible to cram Korra’s enjoyment meter into its utter. Ofcourse this game is made very first of all for all fans of Korra and Asami couple but if you doesn’t mind for some lesbian anime porn then you can enjoy this game even if you have not seen any of the orginal series scenes ata ll! Play now »